It all started with two passions: Photography and Encounter. When I got my first Reflex, a Nikon that I still own, I realized that observing was a faculty we all tend to loose because we take it for granted. Lack of time, fast paced life, long todo lists that grow longer day after day.

So I decided to take some time and make those two passions a reality: I went on travelling to meet and photograph people and places, at a pace compatible with the art of Observation and Encounter, for a few months.

I work in IT & Life Sciences (Bioinformatics, sequence analysis, Next Generation Sequencing data analysis, healthcare…) and I’ve worked in France and USA.

Side note: I’m also a Scuba Instructor (French degree called ‘MF1 / BEES1’, which is equivalent to PADI Scuba Instructor). Check out some videos here.



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Thanks to the Association ABM (Aventures du Bout du Monde – http://www.abm.fr) and all its members for sharing their passions. I’m proud to be a member!

I want to thank a few people with whom I caught the photo virus. They are professionnal photographers, experienced enthusiasts, but first and foremost they are dear friends.

Thanks to:

  • Jérome Bédoucha, a dear friend with whom I started photography and who is an everyday inspiration to me,
  • Olivier Loeb, a dear friend with whom I went to remote places, climbed 19,000ft mountains, explored valleys, jungles, and some of the most incredible wonders this Earth has to offer,
  • Yannick Foing, a dear friend whose unquenchable thirst for discovery and friendship is an inspiration,
  • David Lefèvre, a professionnal photographer who taught me a lot, not only for photography,
  • Christian Koopmans, a professionnal photographer who taught me that photography can be a Science but first an Art that comes from the guts,
  • Ian Gan, who taught me so much in so few words. His explanations were the results or years of thinking, the pure essence of what a good picture should be,
  • Laurent Node-Langlois, who tremendously helped me when I was a beginner and didn’t get what the hell all those bloody buttons were doing.

Also, for the creation of this website, a big THANKS to:



Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

Ralph Waldo Emerson